FRIGG Cafe is committed to providing you with yummy and healthy breakfast and Lunch at their stores in Manly and Labrador in Queensland. Open 7 days a week is to ensure that our customers are feeling FRIGGIN happy all the time!

FRIGG Cafe is not only a cafe that will fill your tummy with wonderful things to EAT and DRINK, we also love to CONNECT with people on a deeper level, as we do our best to provide a 'family style' environment that is completely welcoming. 

Twin Owners, Maria Elita & Toula Scott are the Founders of FRIGG and decided in 2016 to come together for the first time ever, to collaborate on a business concept that they both felt passionately about. After being raised from a young age in the retail & food industry, it was an easy decision for them to create FRIGG.

Now what does FRIGG mean? (everyone asks!)

FRIGG comes from Ancient Mythology and she is a Nordic Goddess married to ODIN, and mother of THOR (God of Thunder .. hmmm Chris Hemsworth!). She was known as a domestic goddess, keeper of the family and nurturer. The Twinnies thought that FRIGG would make a frigg'n awesome name for the cafe because of this. 

Also Friday is 'The Day of Frigg', where Thursday is 'Thor's Day'. So for centuries FRIGG has been around, long before the modern day slang variation.

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Maria Elita & Toula Scott

2017 - Ithaca Tyche Investments t/as Frigg